Audition Information


General Info

Prepared materials will be released May 1 on the website. The material is very learnable in a short amount of time. We want to see how you work up music because we only have you for one week! you can use the 2019 materials  on this page to play around & improvise with. Remember, the most important things you can bring to your camp auditions are enthusiasm & a willingness to learn.


Our auditions are focused on how you play when you arrive at camp. Therefore, prepared repertoire has a lower impact on your placement audition than most auditions students have taken up to this point. The focus of your audition will be on your improvisation and sight reading. 

Rhythm Section - Piano, Guitar, Bass

 All rhythm section students will learn both ‘Now’s the Time’and ‘Straight No Chaser’ in the given keys. 

Rhythm section players will sign in starting at 12:00pm on Sunday.  After sign in students will be lead to their masterclass, known as the Groove Cube.  During the Groove Cube masterclass students will be grouped into rhythm sections to perform their audition pieces under the direction of our rhythm staff. Students will also be asked to work on various other grooves during the masterclass. Our rhythm instrument instructors will evaluate the students based on playing ability and teachability. 

All players should to the best of their ability:

• Play the melody

• Comp the melody for pianists and guitarists - walk the bass line as a bass players

• Improvise over the given chord changes


Groove Boot Camp is your audition. Just as with the rhythm players, Sammy K will be evaluating you throughout the afternoon based on playing ability and teachability.

High School Charts

For students who have just finished freshman year of high school through freshman year of college.

Middle School Charts

For students who have just completed grades 7 & 8.